Currently, I am working with collage and mixed media to create multi-faceted works. I am exploring materials, in particular paper, as a means to produce collage and installation based work. I have also produced two canvas pieces, which are part of a series, that continue my investigation of materiality, texture, and perception. Through my process I’m commenting on the social and commercial experience as an immigrant through symbolism and representation. I bring forth the issues that come with intersectionality and the duality many times imposed on individuals in this country’s society, whether commercial, cultural, or linguistic. I consider these recent pieces as a form of self-portraiture, reflecting directly in my migration from Peru to Miami, Florida at a young age, and my strife to assimilate, have acceptance as an individual, and pursue that sought-after yet unobtainable American Dream. A lot of what has influenced this new work comes directly from the source material I use. Since I’m working with collage, many of the text and imagery I find come from magazines and newspaper. As I am flipping through these, I find different content that triggers its potential use and re-appropriation into my own work. Through mundane interest, I also find the fuel to produce my work. Ranging from video games, films, sports, history, and more often our present social condition, I find a visual language in American pop culture that allows my work to have an ever-changing and fluid commentary on it’s effects and profound impact on the newcomer.  
       I’m currently recycling materials, such as old prints and drawings to formulate my work. These become intertwined with materials such as tape, paint, watercolor, and drawing supplies. Working with paper, I’m constantly cutting, tearing and pasting things together to achieve my goal. As of recently, I’ve set up a printing station in which I’m using silkscreen, monotype, and relief as part of my process. I’m interested in manipulating materials outside of their traditional use. I look for a raw coexistence of these materials and their many possibilities. It allows for my collage making to have variation and layers of texture as well as giving me an avenue in which to reuse and create archived works.
       My work looks to create a collective consciousness on issues connected with people of color, it seeks to create a safe space in which to reflect, discuss, and break down notions and stereotypes of our collective existence in this country. My work relentlessly continues to from social commentary on these experiences and their value. I plan to continue this body of work, next reflecting on “Disco Demolition Night” and it’s implications in the destruction of a music genre, popular with black, brown, and LGBT communities. Conducting a research on this event, I want to bring forth a moment that is consistently revered and glorified to stand as a moment of cultural repression, disguised as an ill-fated promotion.