Carlos Miguel Ortiz-Gallo was born in Lima, Peru in 1993. He and his family emigrated to Miami, Florida in May of 2001.  Ortiz accepted a scholarship to attend the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012. He graduated with a Bachelor's, double majoring in both Printmaking and Art History. Ortiz is currently a resident at Charlotte Street in Kansas City where he has a studio. He hopes to apply for a Master's degree in the new future and continue his work and research while at Charlotte Street. 

Primarily a printmaker, Ortiz works in diverse fields including painting, drawing, ceramics and digital media. He has participated in many group exhibitions and has been involved in communal art projects and practices. He focuses on making prints that relate strongly to his visual and commercial experience in the U.S. and intertwines them with memories and recollections from his upbringing and family. Furthermore, they are executed by using multiple techniques, pertaining and not limited to collage, digital media and printing them using lithography and/or serigraphy. As a strong supporter of local businesses and artists, he hopes to integrate himself into Kansas City's art scene and evolve the ever growing change in this community.